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Hello from the otherside

Hello from DW.

Yes. I've migrated all my entries... And honestly... Looking at the laws and having read stories about the underhanded things that that 1government has done to people, citizens and foreigners alike... I feel like just moving away from LJ. For now I'm still crossposting... But in the future, who knows? I'd love it if we could create a mass migration to DW. Starting with the communities I guess... Doesn't mean we have to close down everything on LJ, things can co-exist for some time...

But yeah... Honestly, I've always had my doubts about LJ. A few years back it was constantly breaking down, under maintenance... So many things were breaking all time... I decided then to keep all my entries in my own diary elsewhere as a backup.

Yeah... There's a lot about DW that could be improved upon for sure... And I've hardly used DW enough to know the upsides and the downsides... But considering how widespread the laws mentioned in the LJ TOS can be... Well sure, it can be nothing. But if they take offense? If they decide that gay sex for eg is offensive and decide to remove my account because of my fics... Then in which case I can only be glad that I already have another blog at DW, with all my posts, tags, and even comments migrated over.

All that I'm really losing is... some stats maybe? Like my comments posted. Cos sure, I posted a ton of comments, but since they were posted as coolohoh@lj, DW doesn't recognise it as something *I* posted. 

Not that I'll delete my LJ account... What's there will remain there. I'm a nostalgic person like that (think that's bad grammar but whatever).

I guess... The main whining people have it 'but I have to join all the communities again'. Well, think about the even bigger problem stopping communities from moving to DW - We have to accept everyone again. Even if we just check if you're already in the comm on LJ etc... That's still a lot of work when a community has hundreds, thousands of members. What's writing a comment VS reading a few hundred comments and accepting people in?

 And you don't have to worry about having an empty DW journal. You can import all your posts from LJ over. Automatically. Even communities (but the problem with communities is more on re-accepting everyone). All you have to do is go to Organise > import content, and key in your LJ username and password. Select everything on the next page, and confirm the import. Then you're done. You can log out of DW, turn off your computer, do whatever. Sure the import can take a loooong time. But you don't even need to be connected to the internet for the import to happen. You don't need a fast internet connection or whatever... DW servers will go to LJ and import it for you, automatically. You don't have to do a thing.

For communities all you need to do is to make a new community on DW, then when you go to the import page, select work as <your community name> and then you'll be given the option to key in your LJ username and password, as well as the LJ community name. And then done. You can start the import on your own LJ, and multiple communities at once. Heck, I'm waiting for the entries and comments to finish importing on... Let's see... 3, 4, 5? Yeah 5 communities as I type. 

At the very least... Think of DW as a backup and get things imported first. Then you can slowly think about migrating your layout over or making a new layout on DW and stuff. I heard comments that the DW styles are ugly... There's a post somewhere about how you can get LJ flexible squares layout onto DW. TBH, the generic LJ layouts are all very ugly too... You have to tinker with the custom CSS and stuff to get a decent looking layout... So yeah... :X

Somehow... I'm really welcoming the move though. Heck, I even want everyone to move. Get some prominent LJ communities to move or at least say make a DW alternative and the masses will follow suit... But we need to have a framework, a network of Arashi communities on DW first before people will move... I think many comms are now adopting a wait and see attitude... And tbh SF/me was among them... But SF does have quite a large membership... If we can orchestrate a move, and encourage members to move - have easy guides stating how to do an import... I think more communities will follow suit.

But for now... I need to use and understand DW myself. What's the arashi fandom scene like here? How many arashi comms are here? Do we have any arashirabu or arashi_on equivalents? If not, make one? I'm switching to a new job and in the mood for doing all these random 'crap' again. I'm definitely interested in creating the next big arashi comm on DW... :P

Alright, that's all for now. Last proper working day at this job for me tmr. And today I've spent my entire day teaching a PhD student. And we aren't done yet sigh... Gotta head to the lab soon... 

Oh yeah... One bad thing about DW. No tag selection menu like in LJ. I'm definitely going to drop by the suggestion board or somewhere and suggest that. That's definitely needed. Yeah. DW isn't as polished as LJ yet, but I think they are actively making changes... So we can all put in our bit to help DW become better. 

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