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VSA Tweets! (10th Feb to 5th Mar)

Tweet update! VSA Tweets from 10th Feb to 5th Mar! Nothing much special about these regular tweets I guess? So I was able to translate them pretty fast. I didn't stick TOOO closely to the original text too, so pardon me for that.

Filming for VS Arashi, the first one has ended. Johnnys' WEST is really full of energy, and the atmosphere was lively ~ please look forward to next week's airing! The five member group is also full of smiles & lively!

The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against Team Takahashi! Though it's the first time having a team by name. The Plus One guests Cunning Takeyama & PUNK BOOBOO Kurosei forming a Hakata combination, will participate... please look forward to it~

Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting! The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against Johnnys' WEST. Challenging Arashi with high spirits and full of vigor, will they be able to win? The Plus One guests are UNGIRLS Tanaka & Haraichi Sawabe. Please look forward to it~

The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against [Maku ga agaru*] Team. It's been a long time since Momokuro came, and they brought Matsuzaki Shigeru-san along. Plus One guests are FUJIWARA. This is an episode where MatsuJun worked hard!

*The Curtain Rises - A movie starring members of Momo iro Clover Z.

The VS Arashi tonight is a battle against Asaikikaku Team! Plus One guests are Fukushi Sota-san and Arimura Kasumi-san. The new element added in Korokoro Viking causes a huge panic amongst Arashi! You definitely have to watch it~

Vocabs - just two words this time... because there really isn't much exciting vocab used :P

要素 (ようそ, youso)
1. component; factor; item (e.g. in list)
2. element (e.g. in array); member (e.g. data structure)

加わる (くわわる, kuwawaru)
1. to be added to; to be appended
2. to join in (e.g. a group of friends); to participate
3. to increase (e.g. heat); to gain in (e.g. influence); to grow; to gather (speed)
4. to be applied (e.g. heat, pressure); to be exerted

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