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Random List of Things About Myself

Hi there!

First up, some resources:
My fanfic masterpost is here, and my TV review masterpost is here. I also have a list of some of my favourite fanfics here, though the list is not very updated.

Also, check out my crafts shop here.

Add me if:
You want to read my random updates.
You want to read random translations of random Arashi related stuff.
You are trying to learn Japanese, and would like to read the random Japanese vocabularies that I post.

I won't add back unless we've chatted before or something.

Anyway... Here's the random list of things about myself, last updated on 29th Jan 2015. Anchors away!

[Open the pandora box?]
I'm a crazy/weird person who just so happens to be a girl (I dress and think more like a boy most of the time so yeah) and an Arashi fan.

I'm from Singapore and I'm Chinese so... yeah I speak mandarin and it helps me understand some kanji.

I use twitter - feel free to follow darkillertg. I have tumblr, though I don't use it much. It's mainly just crossposts from my instagram. I just started using weibo. Add me if you want. I mostly post photos (same ones as instagram!), and say randm stuff in Chinese/Japanese. So far I've not posted anything there in English though.

I go by the alias darkiller online most of the time... otherwise its coolohoh or chemanic. Chemanic is the name of my very 1st character in maplestory, and the nickname chem stuck with me ever since (doesn’t help that I named all the rest of the characters ChemXXX).

I love playing games and doing what seems to be rather useless/pointless stuff. Games I play/played include MapleStory (MapleSEA, and KMS), dragon saga, pokemon etc. I also used to play on kongregate - userid coolohoh - add me if you play there too. Currently not playing on Maple and Kongregate due to work and Arashi. Whatever time during weekends/after work when I'm not KO-ed on my bed, I'm busy trying to catch up on watching Arashi shows, or translate stuff etc.

Apart from Arashi... there's no other singer/band that I'm such an avid fan of. I know the names of some singers and I know (maybe even love) probably a few of their songs but that's it. I most likely don't even know how they look like so... you can't count that as being a fan right? I do like a lot of other songs besides arashi, its just that... yeah i dont follow any band/singer.

I listen to (English) POP songs, JPOP (mainly Arashi), Chinese songs, Classical music... and a few other extras. Recently I'm loving songs by ONE OK ROCK and SEKAI NO OWARI.

I'm a science person. Logical, rational... Finished my biological sciences degree now and I'm working as a researcher.. I depend on logical reasoning, and even my instincts... but I hardly 'feel' anything. You can say that in real life I'm not an easily moved/touched person. I would even say that I'm (a bit? a lot?) cold hearted at times.

Related to my Chemanic statement earlier: Chemistry was my 1st love. It was the science that I loved the most in Secondary school... but later on in Junior College somehow I felt that my math was too horrid to survive me through a Uni chem course, so I picked my 2nd love - biology. Math was my no. 1 weakness... really weird for a science person no? I enjoy reading about all the sciences, but that doesn’t mean I'm good in all of them - I don't mind reading about physics stuff though I don't understand everything of quantum mechanics... (and well not TOO deeply into each of the subjects either, I'd just get lost and fall asleep) those long and complicated equations in particular... I wont even ATTEMPT to figure them out. I still like chemistry a lot though - organic chemistry in particular. Not really good at it but I just enjoy the subject. So basically I enjoy a mix of chem and bio...

I have a bad memory. Or rather, a memory that works differently. I can remember details of things that took place, things that interest me... place even... but nothing of what is needed in exams. I can remember the details of all the extra stuff (i.e. not tested in exams) that my bio teacher said in class (years ago), but I can't remember drugs and their effects to save my ass during my pharamco exam. I can remember places that I've been to, I can remember details of conversations/outings with my friends which everyone else at the outing have forgotten... I can remember what comes next in a movie... but memorize stuff for an exam? You kidding me? Hello I can't even remember my times table properly... (I remember a few, and then add etc to get what I want... or something. Now I've done the multiplications enough times for the numbers to be familiar in my head, but sometimes I'll still need to confirm. E.g.: 6 x 7 =? I remember 6 x 6 = 36 cos 3, 6, 9 are my favorite numbers... than 36 + 6 = 42... tada! answer!)

I'm weird. Some times I wonder if i have split personalities or something. I can adapt myself to 'feel' and think different in different circumstances. I also think differently from what other's normally think...

(In view of the above two points) Arashi taught me how to feel (or at least, express my feelings). The showed me how to laugh again. Along my journey growing up I've had a fair share of getting bullied... and added to the fact that I'm kind of a loner and how I think different in the 1st place, I tossed aside this thing called 'feeling' long ago. I've always suppressed my emotions. I don't know how much has changed now, but at least when I'm watching Arashi I enjoy myself and feel alive.

It seems to me that I'm a slow thinker. I'd consider and debate issues in my head for quite some time. Ok, slow thinker isn't the right phrase to use... it should be that I take longer to respond to things. Like if you ask me about some problem that I've never encountered before, I'll think and consider things carefully before giving an answer.

I can't spell! Thank goodness for spell check...

I procrastinate. A LOT. *looks at my pile of half written fanfics*

I'm a quiet person. Online though, I type a lot... so it's almost as if I've become a totally different person.

I'm very long winded - I think you found this out already.

Hmm if you've got this far, thank you for sticking with me. In short I: like science, like to play games, and like Arashi.

I have two other blogs as well... this one is dedicated to gaming stuff (though now I'm gaming lesser and lesser), and this one is for everything else. Except Arashi. That's what this LJ is mostly for. My random rumblings about Arashi and (occasionally) some other random stuff. EDIT: Currently I'm using LJ and pretty much LJ only. The other two blogs are mostly dead though I've vowed to myself that I ought to revive them. Everything goes onto my LJ now...

I'd love to add friends on LJ, especially Arashi friends. Leave a comment here or send me a PM and I'd love to add you back! Just something, anything will do. E.g. How did you actually come across my LJ or why you want to add me, just curious ya know? Since I'm just a random kid trying to... Ok. I don't even know what I'm trying to do. Oh wait... yes. I'm just trying to spread the Arashi love. I took so much from the community - translations, scans, photos, DVD rips, CD rips, show uploads... I just wish to do my little part to spread the Arashi love, hence the reason for my TV reviews and fanfics. Just yesterday I've finally made up my mind to help the subbing community, and hopefully from now on I'll do transcripts for subs on a regular basis.

Currently I'm am working. I've got my degree in biological sciences and am now doing research at an institute in my uni. So far so good, the people and nice and friendly, I'm doing science and learning stuff, work hours are pretty slack... I get to muck around with expensive, really expensive equipment like the TEM (my sis was like 'OMG this is the stuff you only see in textbooks')... Its been six months working here now and I'm happy. I messed up my uni grades pretty badly, so hopefully with some job experience under my belt I'll be able to enroll in a PhD program in the future... yup. That's my goal right now. Learn as much as possible at work, maybe get some kind of recognition like a paper or something if possible, and get my PhD. You need a PhD to move up the science ladder, and I WANT a PhD. Yeah, if only I'd realized that a little sooner and stopped fooling around during my undergrad so I can get slightly better grades and be able to enroll in a PhD program directly but... oh wells. I'll just have to take the longer route. I'm sure I'll get there someday :)

I have also started doing radio broadcasts on mixlr. Please join me during my live broadcasts if the timings suit you (I'm mainly broadcasting on Mondays, 10 pm to 1am JST), otherwise you can listen to a recording of my broadcasts on my mixlr showreel. It'll be great if you can join us live though! You can chat with other Arashi fans, request for songs, and join in our random talk :). You can follow me on mixlr, so you'll get an email notification when I start my broadcasts! I've met many lovely Arashi fans on the broadcast, so I'm glad I started doing it!

Cleared the JLPT N4 and N3. Missed the sign up deadline for last December's. My friend was encouraging me to take the N1 right away... dunnoe... *shrugs*

How did I get into all these Arashi fandom related activities?
I started off writing fanfics because... I'm a science person. I would say that I'm good at doing scientific writing. But scientific writing is scientific writing. Sentences are kept short, and concise. No bombastic words or flowery language. And you get to the point. You don't beat around the bush. And I'm good at that. I guess you can probably still see a lot of the influence in my fiction as well. You can say that it's part of my writing style already? So yeah, I started writing fics because I don't want to just be a good scientific writer. I'd like to write other stuff too. Like fiction. And so I did. I can't say that I'm the best writer, but I'm starting to 'loosen' my style in fiction writing now. No you know... sticking to having short sentences and only 1 idea per sentence sort of thing as you see in science. And I do love it when I have random, fun ideas to write about. At times like these is when writing is most enjoyable.

As for TV reviews, I started out when I saw the arashi_bangumi advert on arashi_on. I got an app called Marsedit and it handles all the screenshot uploading so I thought, hey, why not give it a try? And it just went on from there. And as I did reviews, more and more people asked me (some even in a very accusing tone :( ) to do subs. And I have always refused... eventually though, I liked the idea of doing subs more and more, and it helps that I do actually have a few hours free in the evenings (if I don't waste it playing on my phone) that I could do some transcripts with. It also helps that I've been doing so many reviews and I actually do transcribe quite a lot of their talk already. And it just goes on, like a natural progression kind of thing. First reviews. Then subs. Then translations...

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This is it! Here comes sweet 99

99 fics.

How many years has it been since I said 'I want to hit 100 fics this year'?

I've lost count, but I think it's been at least two years... In any case... It's been a whooping 3 years since RNA was made...

Finally... After such a long time...

99 fics.

Just one more to go... Maybe tmr I'll write another drabble/one shot.

Yeah man.


[One Shot] Cyber Criminal Aiba Masaki

Title: Cyber Criminal Aiba Masaki
Length: 321 words
Rating: G (PG for language)
Pairing: Aiba Centric
Summary: After an unfair firing, Aiba turned bad.

Aiba was deflated.Collapse )

A/N: This came from the prompt 'cyber criminal Aiba'... I know it's OOC for Aiba, but yeah that's just how it turned out. If my brain can piece together a sequel, I'll write one.

[Ono Shot] Language Issues

Title: Language Issues
Length: 803 words
Rating: G (PG for language)
Pairing: General Arashi Friendship
Summary: Ohno won a prize at his family's New Year bingo tournament... Only that there was a slight problem...

It was in holy...Collapse )

[One Shot] Winter

Title: Winter
Length: 294 words
Rating: G
Pairing: Ohno Centric
Summary: Winter means something special to Ohno.

Winter.Collapse )

[One Shot] Unicorns

Title: Unicorns
Length: 232 words
Rating: G
Pairing: Ohba
Summary: Aiba tries to make a unicorn.

Give it back!Collapse )

[Drabble] Snow

Title: Snow
Length: 86 words
Rating: G
Pairing: Sho centric
Summary: Should Sho be happy or sad?

Let it snow!Collapse )

[Drabble] Burger

Title: Burger
Length: 143 words
Rating: G
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Nino wants a burger.

Im hungryCollapse )

[Drabble] Punishment

Title: Punishment
Length: 91 words
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Jun misjudged Nino.

A/N: Wrote this in like... 3 minutes lol. Stole the drabble prompt from negai3104. :P

I love you too SamiiCollapse )

“I love you too Samii” Nino smirked as he raised the whip again.

The Chronicles!

Series Title: The Chronicles
Author: Biohazard Geeky Nutcracker coolohoh
Rating: G
Pairing: OT5
Summary: The land of Vihar has been thrown into chaos. Is there anyone with the bravery and skills to save the world?

More about the fic: An epic fantasy, with magic, swords, and archery. The Chronicles tells tales of friendship and adventure as our heroes work to save Vihar!

Disclaimer and notice to all readers: This is a really long fic, over 60 chapters and I'm still maybe... halfway through the story. I'm determined to finish this series though! Each chapter is really short, typically under 500 words... So I'll try and post a chapter daily to make up for the short chapters. Don't ask me why I make each chapter so short. It just is. That's how it ends up and that'll be how I post it. It's more like a drabble series? Only that each chapter is generally slightly longer than even the looser definitions of a drabble...

I've mentioned many JE characters in my story, but I don't actually follow any JE group besides Arashi. Please do not take offense if your favourite JE idol was OOC, unfairly represented or anything... I'm merely using their names because it makes it easier for me to write when I have a face to refer to, rather than completely making up a new character. (Not that there aren't made up characters too but... nevermind.)

Comments are most welcomed. Anything beside complain about the short chapters (see above). I hope you'll enjoy the story!

A new chapter will be posted daily. Check back everyday or join nutty_arashi to receive updates!

This post will not be updated. Please refer to the masterpost on nutty_arashi here

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